Friday, 10 December 2010


Winter is always better in pictures or stories. Take Narnia, for example.  Yes, it was ruled over by an evil snow queen who seemed to have a bit of a paedophilic streak (I mean what was with all the cheeky Turkish Delight shared with Edmund in the sleigh?), and it had been perpetually winter for over a century. But really, imagine the excitement of stepping through the back of a wardrobe and entering a world where everything is covered in crisp white snow, trees are dripping with icicles, and you can go and have tea with a faun wearing a fur coat. Even at the age of nineteen, it still seems like the most exciting idea. This photo shoot is from New York Style Magazine’s Winter 2010 edition, and though there are no snow queens or fauns or even wardrobes, it looks a lot like Narnia to me. Magical. 

(, NY style magazine)

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