Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Last summer, I stayed with one of my best friends, Char, in her house in Port Grimaud near St Tropez. It was the most perfect, chilled holiday. Days were spent lying on the balcony in the sun, smoking way too many cigarettes, drinking Ice Tropez, reading, watching Two of a Kind (don't ask...), and having midnight swims in the sea followed by moon-bathing (again, don't ask). My first ever venture into St Tropez was equally exciting, and everything I thought it would be. Crammed full of super-yachts, couples dressed entirely in Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel strolling along the harbour-front: people-watching perfection. One night out involved drinks on a stranger's super-yacht, followed by a table at VIP room, and watching the sun rise over St Tropez whilst lying on the deck of the enormous yacht. Sufficed to say, it was one of the best nights of my life. Anyway, whilst shivering away at my desk, I cannot help but think back to the 40 degree heat of the South of France, which brings me to the incredible Chanel Cruise show that took place along the harbour. Truly a show that will go down in history. Iconic in every way possible. No words.

Port Grimaud

Sunrise from a superyacht

My fabulous friend on her balcony in Matthew Williamson

These videos are also amazing:

(Garance Dore, The Telegraph)


I die. If I had a baby I'd dress it in Chanel too. 



When I don't have any lectures, and it's too cold to go outside, my day looks something like this:

This is the bed of my dreams

Watching Sex and the City in bed, wearing fur, drinking a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, surrounded by fairy lights and a Diptyque candle = Heaven and happiness. 

(Tear Drop Weddings, Lipstick Stains, Vogue, Stardust and Sequins)

Monday, 29 November 2010


Right now, where I am in Bristol, it is freeeeeezing cold. Literally. It even snowed a pathetic few inches the other day. Now, as beautiful as it is when the first snowflakes begin to fall, I find it gets old after, hm, about a day. I made the mistake of wearing French Soles to venture across the icy downs that I need to walk across to get to my lectures. Not fun. After 10 minutes I truly believed I had frost bite, which, thankfully, I didn't. Dressing for the weather, for me anyway, is a nightmare. Yes, layering is cool in theory, but when you go inside and have to strip off about 6 items of clothing in order not to melt from the blasting radiators, layering stops being cool, and starts being extremely irritating. I also find that when I try and mimic the Mary-Kate Olsen layered look, (circa 2007, obviously), I end up looking as though I got dressed under my duvet with my pink silk eye mask still covering my peepers. As one friend so kindly put it, 'Bag-Lady chic'. Anyway, enough ranting. Here's some of my inspiration for the winter months:

Ok, so I know the last one is a little dubious, but she pulls it off. Even with three scarves...

(The Sartorialist, Olsens Anonymous, Olsens Obsessive, Who What Wear, Daily Mail, Sienna-Miller.net, Popsugar, Vogue Russia)


What a cliche to start with Kate Moss but where else would you begin with fashion at this day and age? I just bought a beautiful book, which chronicles Kate's style over the last 20 ish years. She really is just the most painfully cool girl in the world. Even she made nineties fashion look cool, which, considering it was an era of leggings, high tops, (not cool the first time around) football shirts, bad hair...generally anything you'd see on a Spice Girl or the fresh Prince of Bel Air, is a mother of an achievement. But she did it. There is literally not a bad outfit in the entire book. Personally, I think her style was at its peakiest peak when she was going out with that naughty Libertine, when she perfectly combined the "I've got a seriously bad-ass boyfriend" look with the "I've got vintaarge fashion nailed daahling" look. Just love her. Here are some of my extra-special favourites:

Literally doesn't even scratch the surface, and I'm sure these have all been seen before, but who doesn't love delving into Kate's fashion past every so often? Pas moi. 

(Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland; katemossonline.net)