Monday, 29 November 2010


Right now, where I am in Bristol, it is freeeeeezing cold. Literally. It even snowed a pathetic few inches the other day. Now, as beautiful as it is when the first snowflakes begin to fall, I find it gets old after, hm, about a day. I made the mistake of wearing French Soles to venture across the icy downs that I need to walk across to get to my lectures. Not fun. After 10 minutes I truly believed I had frost bite, which, thankfully, I didn't. Dressing for the weather, for me anyway, is a nightmare. Yes, layering is cool in theory, but when you go inside and have to strip off about 6 items of clothing in order not to melt from the blasting radiators, layering stops being cool, and starts being extremely irritating. I also find that when I try and mimic the Mary-Kate Olsen layered look, (circa 2007, obviously), I end up looking as though I got dressed under my duvet with my pink silk eye mask still covering my peepers. As one friend so kindly put it, 'Bag-Lady chic'. Anyway, enough ranting. Here's some of my inspiration for the winter months:

Ok, so I know the last one is a little dubious, but she pulls it off. Even with three scarves...

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