Monday, 29 November 2010


What a cliche to start with Kate Moss but where else would you begin with fashion at this day and age? I just bought a beautiful book, which chronicles Kate's style over the last 20 ish years. She really is just the most painfully cool girl in the world. Even she made nineties fashion look cool, which, considering it was an era of leggings, high tops, (not cool the first time around) football shirts, bad hair...generally anything you'd see on a Spice Girl or the fresh Prince of Bel Air, is a mother of an achievement. But she did it. There is literally not a bad outfit in the entire book. Personally, I think her style was at its peakiest peak when she was going out with that naughty Libertine, when she perfectly combined the "I've got a seriously bad-ass boyfriend" look with the "I've got vintaarge fashion nailed daahling" look. Just love her. Here are some of my extra-special favourites:

Literally doesn't even scratch the surface, and I'm sure these have all been seen before, but who doesn't love delving into Kate's fashion past every so often? Pas moi. 

(Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland;


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