Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Whatever has happened to Gemma Ward? Ok, I don't actually know why I said that because I know she's left the modelling world to become an actress. But still. She was an amazing model: just so pretty, with that chilled Australian beach-bum attitude to top it off. Some of my favourite editorials have been with Gemma, like the 'Girl from Oz' shoot from Vogue UK in July '06. The one where she's surfing in a paddling pool and eating watermelon with her twin brothers? I meaaaaaan, insanely cool. Well, she's gone now, and it's unlikely she'll be back I think. I did a bit of research into her new acting career and watched a trailer for 'The Strangers', in which she stars as some kind of torturing, murdering psycho, (I think she does anyway, the trailer was so scary I had to stop it half way through...), but for most of the film it looks as though she has a bag over her head! WHAT A WASTE! Don't the film company know who she is?! Ridiculous. Anyway, here are some of my favourite Gemmas:

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