Wednesday, 29 December 2010


So, Christmas is over and BOY did it go fast. For me it lasted a mere 3 days, much too short for my liking. Presents are unwrapped, crackers are cracked, champagne is popped. Oh, and all the bloody snow has melted too. It's all a bit depressing really, especially when you spend all year looking forward to it like the 5 year old inside me does... Now, the rather dull period between Christmas and New Year ensues, and my days are spent reading all my fabulous new fashion books, going for misty walks with my dogs, and watching old episodes of The Hills and The City, mais bien sur. It's all very relaxing but a bit too dreamy for my liking. Roll on New Year's Eve please.

Not that I'm spending my days in Victorian dresses in a scary looking house or anything...

(Dream Sequence by Paolo Roversi for W Magazine, via Image Amplified)

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