Thursday, 9 December 2010


Oh, to have a name like Bambi! Yes, it is strange to re-name yourself after the doe-eyed little deer of Disney acclaim, and yes, it kind of sounds like the name of a pornstar, BUT, weird names are cool, and are even cooler when you're a beautiful Australian model with killer cheekbones and serious eyebrows. There's a lot of tension surrounding the eyebrows in general I feel. Too thin, too thick, too dark, too 'drawn-on', etc. Blah blah blah, do what you want! Like anything else, eyebrows can completely change your face, certainly true of Bambi. Her face is delicate and pixie-like, but with her strong, dark eyebrows she has an edge, which makes her a really versatile model. Anyway, I love her, she's my new favourite model of the moment.

Her little Bambi tattoo. Maybe it's in case she forgets her name...? Whatever, I like it.

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Summer said...

I am obsessed with her eyebrows lately too!!! She's definately one of my favorite models at the moment too!

Thanks for visiting:) I will def follow you!