Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I always wonder what time period I would go back to if I could. I don't have one definitive answer, but I would definitely pay a little visit to Versailles when Marie Antoinette was around. If it was anything like the movie, (which I'm like 90% positive it wasn't), then it definitely looks like the place for me. Lounging around eating macaroons and lavish parties with an endless supply of champagne? Probably couldn't get any better...yes, I know I am superficial. The film, starring Kirsten Dunst and...Jason Schwartzman (bit of an odd choice in my opinion), is absolutely beautiful to watch, though the rest of it is rather dubious. The attention to detail costume-wise is incredible. Right now, all I want is to lie on a silken chaise long, drinking champagne with a few raspberries bobbing on the surface, eating Laduree macaroons. Hmm, a girl can dream...

I would also very much like a pug to cuddle.

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