Monday, 17 January 2011


I remember watching a video somewhere a while ago which showed Kate Moss and Pete Doherty strolling around Glastonbury taking pictures of each other, smoking, caked in mud, etc etc, all very cool but standard Kate behaviour. But it was when it showed a shot of her standing on stage in a vintage sequin top and Hunters, filming her performing boyf on a retro camera, cig in hand, that I was like WOAH - why would you not want to go out with a boy in a band? I mean, think of the bonuses: you can share skinny jeans, not bother taking your eye make up off the night before, you never have to brush your hair, you can whack on a t shirt and a leather jacket and you're dunzo, and, best of all, you can say 'I'm with the band', and mean it. What an aspiration, mummy would be proud...

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Cool pictures! Models and musicians! They're always together! xxoxoo