Thursday, 28 April 2011


OMG everyone. I am deeply, deeply concerned for myself and my brain. Basically because I think it no longer works. I've been doing that thing which (I hope) everyone does, where you go to bed promising yourself that you'll get up early the next morning and work all day, with the naive hope that you will actually finish your essay in 10 hours. Ah, how deceiving my own mind is. I get up at 11, spend ages in my pyjamas with a coffee and One Tree Hill (which, btw has got shit. Disappointing), then sit down to 'work', and end up watching documentaries about what a mental case Princess Diana may or not have been, reading articles about how Savannah Miller was proposed to and reading interviews during which Kate Hudson discusses how much she enjoys being pregnant and how much of a 'beautiful man' Matt Bellamy is (I beg to differ - his nose? Ew). I mean, seriously, is it just me or have the youth of today, me included obviously, become so easily distracted (thanks facebook) that we can't even sit down and concentrate for at least half an hour? Oh well, if any of you are reading this, it means you aren't working either, so at least I shall have companions when I fail my exams. Already planning my failing party. You're all invited. Oh God, I despair for my on sanity...aaaanyway, here are some gems I found whilst wasting yet more hours of my life:

(via French Frosting, Knight Cat, Eight London and Aristrockracy)


hone said...

please keep updating your blog. it is actually alot better than you think.

HHFILM said...
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