Saturday, 26 February 2011


Weirdly enough, considering fashion week's just happened, I am feeling shockingly uninspired. I don't really know what's wrong with me, but I know I don't like it. A large part of it I think is down to location, like when I'm in London/Paris/NYC, I nearly always put in more of an effort. Unfortunately for moi, fashion-speaking anyway, I am in Bristol, which I personally do not find the most fashionably inspirational place in the world. This is largely because I would say 75% of all Bristol students would just love to be alternative, but this desire to be alternative has resulted in them all being alternative in the same way. Kind of defeats the point non? Not that I don't love the look of high tops, weird vintage jumpers, skinny jeans, barbours and weird cloths tied into people's hair......ok I actually hate it, so sue me. The monotony of seeing all these people who a few years ago were dressed in ra-ra skirts, Ralph Lauren polo shirts and pashminas, is making me fashionably-depressed. So here are some fashion-spirit lifters. I feel sooo much better now.

PS. Obviously I don't mean all Bristol students, so no offence...

(Little Plastic Horse, weheartit, Fashion Squad, The Sartorialist,, Knight Cat, Olsens Anonymous)

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Scarlett said...

Please can we try and be in london for the shows for A/W?